Image: Mega-5

MEGA-5 – Multi-component Exhaust Gas Analyser

MEGA-5 is an FTIR-based (Fourier Transform Infra Red spectrometer) exhaust gas analyser designed for R&D use in engine and catalyst testing industries, especially for the heavy duty diesels.

The system uses a MultiGasTM 2030HS analyser with a capacity to simultaneously measure a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional exhaust gas components. MEGA-5 is capable of measuring all components currently regulated by requirements, as well as components not yet regulated.

The MEGA-5 system is fully automated and comes complete with easy-to-use software, system diagnostics and calibrations. The MEGA-5 can be operated manually from the integrated keyboard and 17” LCD-screen. The system can also be operated remotely using “Remote Desktop” or by AK-commands via TCP/IP.

Areas of application

To meet regulations such as EURO VI and EPA 1065 exhaust gas after-treatment systems have become increasingly complex. The introduction of SCR catalysts for diesel engines and the growing interest in alternative fuels, have contributed to make them even more complex. The MEGA-5 system is capable of fast and accurate measurements of all exhaust gas components in compliance with EURO VI and EPA 1065 regulations. Typical applications of the system:

  • R&D of heavy duty engines with SCR
  • Measurements of ammonia (NH3) for certification purposes
  • R&D of catalysts such as SCR, DOC and LNT
  • Alternative fuels (Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, Methanol, etc.)
  • On-vehicle measurements and data acquisition.

Features & Benefits

  • Single analyser measures a variety of traditional and non-traditional emissions
  • True 5 Hz measurement and data acquisition
  • Measurement of transient species in combustion exhaust, T90< 300 ms
  • EURO VI and EPA 1065 ready
  • Wet sample monitoring, no need for moisture removal
  • Fully automated and prepared for remote control
  • Incorporated system diagnostics
  • Pulse free sample flow to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • Heated particulate filter to ensure optical efficiency
  • Purge and span gas panel to enable method controls
  • Filter box with 2 or 4 channels to allow sampling from multiple points
  • Robust design to enable on-vehicle measurements
  • Low cost of operation

Customers, shortlist

EURO VI, heavy duty SCR development, on-vehicle measurements

Johnson Matthey (SWE)
Heavy duty catalyst development

Volvo Cars
Alternative fuels engine development

Cummins (UK)
EURO VI, heavy duty SCR development.