Diamond knives 

Diatome diamond knives

High-quality diamond knives from Diatome, including their Ultra, Cryo, Histo, AFM and Ultra Sonic models. Naturally, resharpe and exchange options are available.  Read more »

Sputter targets

Circular targets, 57mm or 54mm Ø

We offer sputter targets from several suppliers and always compare prices to give you the best possible deal. Contact us for more information »

Custom made targets

FHR can manufacture high-quality targets according to your specifications.
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Electron sources 

AP-Tech cathodes

AP-Tech offers a wide range of electron emitting cathodes.
Rebuilds are available. Contact us for more information »

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Applications guide (AP-Tech »

Calibration standards


The Mag*I*Cal TEM calibration sample is directly traceable to the crystal lattice constant of silicon. It can be used to perform the three major instrument calibrations – image magnification at all magnification ranges, camera constant, and image/diffraction pattern rotation.   Read more »

Ladd Research

Laboratory tweezers and tools

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Apertures/microholes, filaments and screens

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Grids, storage boxes and support films

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Standards and specimen preparation supplies

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Tabs and tapes for SEM applications

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