Tape-collecting ultramicrotome 

RMC Boeckeler ATUMtome 

ATUMtome The ATUMtome is a ground-breaking automated tape-collecting ultramicrotome that collects ultrathin sections on Kapton tape for subsequent high-resolution array tomography and 3D reconstruction. This non-destructive method leaves sections available for post-staining, immunogold labeling and correlative imaging at any work pace. Available through an Early Adopters Program.   Read more »


RMC Boeckeler PowerTome PT-X and -XL Ultramicrotomes

PT-XL The PT-XL from RMC Products is a high-precision ultramicrotome with an advanced antivibration system. It features the unique PowerDrive, a high stability cutting arm drive system with zero backlash. With several specimen holders and knife stages, this system can be configured to suit individual preferences and research needs.   Read more »

RMC Boeckeler PowerTome PT-PC and PowerTome PT-PCZ Ultramicrotomes

PT-PC The RMC PowerTomes can be fitted with a full HD touchscreen monitor and/or HD video options. This setup is ideal for demanding research applications and for learning institutions.   Read more »


RMC Boeckeler LN Ultra Cryosectioning System

LN Ultra State-of-the-art cryosectioning system with high stability temperature control. Highly suitable for Tokuyasu technique, for cryo immuno labeling and demanding CEMOVIS applications where ribbons of cryosections need to be collected and transferred.   Read more »

RMC Boeckeler CR-X Cryosectioning System

CR-X Compact and LN2-efficient cryo chamber. Compatible with most modern ultramicrotomes, including several Leica and Reichert models.  
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RMC Boeckeler GKM-2 Glass Knife Maker

GKM-2 Balanced break glass knife maker that produces consistent and controlled breaks that result in high-quality knives. Compatible with glass thicknesses ranging from 6 to 12 mm.   Read more »

Diatome Diamond Knives

High-quality diamond knives from Diatome, including their Ultra, Cryo and Histo series. Naturally, resharpening and exchange options are available.
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RMC Boeckeler MT-990 Motorized Rotary Microtome with Stereo Microscope

MT-990 The MT-990 is a universal, heavy-duty microtome for a wide variety of applications in histopathology and materials research, cutting paraffin, plastic and hard specimens. With stereo microscope and motorized programmable automatic trim. Designed for AFM, SPM, SEM, LM, FTIR.   Read more »

RMC Boeckeler CRT-900 Cryo Accessory

CRT-900 Optional cryoattachment for the MT-990. Permits sectioning from ambient temperature to -140° C.   Read more »

RMC Boeckeler MR3 Motorized Rotary Microtome

MR3 Manual or motorized cutting stroke with balanced hand wheel.  
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RMC Boeckeler MR2 Manual Rotary Microtome

MR2 Manually operated cutting stroke with balanced hand wheel.  
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