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Elastomer-sealed 50 to 300 slm mass flow meter
The 579A is a digital mass flow meter well suited for a multitude of applications in research and industry.

The 579 is based on proven MKS technology and offers high flow measurement accuracy in the entire 50 to 300 slm flow range.

Key features

  • Measure flow rates from 50 to 300 slm
  • Elastomer sealed
  • Analog (0 to 5 VDC) and digital (Profibus) output options

Compact Footprint

Because of its compact design, the 579A may be used in space saving gas panel systems. The electrical connections are made with D-Sub connectors for both Analog and Profibus versions, in conformance with all CE regulations. While mass flow meter applications in research and development typically use local analog power supply/readouts, many industrial applications are moving to digital bus-compatible communications and power distribution. The 579A meets both of these requirements.

Analog and Profibus Versions

Both analog and Profibus versions incorporate a flexible power system that allows either ±15 VDC or +24 VDC power supplies to be used. This allows the user to choose the most effective method of powering the unit for his application. Additionally, the analog variant of the 579 is equipped with a digital interface that provides access to setup functions and diagnostics through the use of proprietary software.