HAXPES-Lab is designed to allow hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) measurements in standard lab environments. The instrument offers the unique possibility to investigate bulk properties of various materials, analyse buried interfaces and access deep core levels.

HAXPES-Lab is a convenient to use, turnkey UHV system which includes a 9.25 keV monochromated Ga Liquid Metal X-ray Source and a EW4000 energy analyser allowing for analysis in the full kinetic energy range up to 9252 eV.

Photoelectron spectroscopy is an ideal tool to probe the chemical state of a material and as such it is becoming ever more required to investigate electronic structures of various solid materials in the bulk, on surfaces as well as at buried interfaces. A home laboratory facility that probes bulk and buried interfaces has up until now not been commercially available.

UPS and XPS have been available and highly accessible in decades. Both these techniques are surface sensitive and thus the field of photoemission has been regarded as a surface science technique. The development of the field of HAXPES, mainly at large synchrotron facilities, changed the field of photoemission to include the study of bulk properties. The HAXPES technique has become valuable and provided new insights into the properties of materials. As a consequence the beamlines providing HAXPES is popular and heavily booked. As of now the technique is also available in your laboratory.

Key features

Ga Kα liquid metal jet X-ray source

  • Photon energy hν = 9252 eV

Focussing X-ray monochromator

  • Resolution ΔE < 1 eV
  • Power up to 200 W on 50 μm spot

HAXPES analyzer EW4000

  • Angular acceptance ± 30°
  • Resolution ΔE < 100 meV @ 10 keV
  • 40 mm working distance
  • 2D MCP/CCD detector

Analysis chamber


  • 4-axis (x/y/z, polar rotation)
  • PBN heating (up to 1170 K)
  • Omicron flag style sample transfer

Control system

  • MISTRAL system control
  • SES measurement software