Natur- och biogasanalys

Precisive® 5-155 olefins
and HRVOC analyser

Real-time monitor for alkane and alkene gas streams
The Precisive® 5-155 analyzer is a real-time gas composition analyzer based on MKS’ unique Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™) platform. Calibrated for multi-component C1 – C5 of alkane and alkene gas streams, this package is an alternative replacement of gas chromatographs, and it offers analysis in seconds and no carrier gas requirement.

Precisive® 5 Application-specific Analyzers are focused on the oil & gas markets for a variety of natural gas and hydrocarbon processing applications. From upstream gas processing, to midstream distribution and downstream refining and power generation. The unique Precisive® TFS™ platform further lends itself to a diverse set of monitoring points from bulk high percentage level compositions, fast response bulk BTU and Wobbe Index monitoring, through to trace ppm (part per million) trace impurity in natural gas, refinery gas and ambient air conditions.

Key features

  • Furnace cracking process monitoring
  • De-Methanization, De-Ethanization, and De-Butanization process monitoring
  • Storage of Ethane and Ethylene
  • Ethylene Fractionation, Propylene Fractionation, and Acetylene Conversion process monitoring
  • Butadiene processing and SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber)
  • HRVOC analysis that speciates without the cost, complexity or safety concerns associated with GC/FID analyzers

Precisive TFS™ Light Absorption Spectroscopy

The Precisive TFS™ (Tunable Filter Spectrometer) sensor platform consists of a light source, a sample cell (for gases, liquids or solids), a wavelength separating element (spectrometer) and a photo-detector. The wavelength separating element “slices” the wavelength components of the broadband light source which then interacts with the sample molecules. Some of the wavelength components are absorbed and some are transmitted through without any absorption.

Advanced Spectral Decomposition Algorithm

Precisive TFS™ Tunable Filter Spectrometers use an advanced spectral decomposition algorithm. The resulting spectrum is called absorption spectrum, which acts as “fingerprints” which are used to identify the sample components and/or quantify the composition of the sample.

Precisive® 5-155 Benefits

  • Analysis in seconds: Continuous measurement instead of batch handling.
  • Simple to install and maintain: No carrier gas or instrument fuel gas required for low operational costs.
  • Precision and accuracy: Accurate and reproducible results in under 5 seconds that are linear across the measurement range.
  • Flow-through sensor design: No sensitivity to pressure and flow variations which minimizes sampling issues.
  • Small footprint, outdoor rated: Extractive process mounted to replace GC installation. Process control to DCS via real-time Modbus output. CSA Class1Div2, ATEX Zone 2, IP66 rated enclosure with ATEX Zone 1 option available.