Y-shift range

Precise manipulation in Y axis

Y-Shifts provide accurate, repeatable axial alignment on the Y-axis, and might be used in conjunction with a sample transfer arm, such as a PowerProbe, to effect sample handoff. The robust, production-proven devices are available in two sizes providing +/-7.5mm or +/-31mm Y axis adjustment, with four different fixed/travelling flange combinations.

Suitable for use in both production and R&D applications, the Y-Shifts are supplied with a range of actuation methods including manual hand wheels or stepper motors. Motorised Y-Shifts are supplied with pre-wired bakeable limit switches, terminating with a bakeable, frame-mounted connector. Plug and play motor controllers are available.

Key features

  • Kinematic design provides smooth, precise motion in parallel plane
  • Four different fixed/travelling flange combinations
  • Any-orientation mounting
  • Bellows-sealed all-metal vacuum enclosure

Design Concept
The Y-Shift design includes two parallel flanges, one remaining fixed, whilst the other provides the movement. The device works by adjusting the position of the travelling flange in relation to the fixed system mounted flange. The travelling flange position is controlled through an external leadscrew and benefits from an anti-backlash mechanism.

A kinematic guide mechanism ensures smooth and precise motion. Vacuum integrity is ensured through the use of high quality 316L edge-welded bellows which have a minimum design life of 10,000 cycles. The Y-Shift’s rigid construction enables large cantilevered loads to be accommodated and allows the units to be mounted in any orientation. Y-Shifts are used for a number of applications, for example in transfer system alignment to adjust a linear probe to achieve sample hand-off (see ‘Sample Transfer Arms/Provtransfer‘).