Vision 2000-P™

Residual gas analysers for select pressure & PVD processes
The Vision 2000-P™ represents a different concept in process monitoring, requiring minimum operator interaction or RGA knowledge. The advanced technology available in the Vision 2000-P provides users with simple, effective, process monitoring operation.

The Vision 2000-P incorporates the “smart head” RGA technology of the Microvision 2 with a closed ion source and close-coupled inlet. This state-of-the-art RGA technology is integrated with Process Eye™ Professional Control Platform, a recipe based, user-configurable software program.

Key features

  • ppb level detection of contaminant gases during PVD processes
  • Track process gas mixture composition when two gases are utilized
  • Vacuum troubleshooting for fast PM recovery
  • Can be integrated with a wide variety of PVD tools
  • Remote Vacuum Controller (RVC) for fail-safe PC-based operation and control
  • Available with Process Eye Professional software

Closed ion source

Each Vision 2000-P incorporates a closed ion source and a custom inlet valve with an optimized high conductance, low surface area path to the PVD process chamber. With this source, the system is able to monitor the complete PVD process cycle, from base vacuum to process pressures of up to 0.01 mbar, without the need for a pressure reduction inlet.

By maximizing the ratio between process gas signals and the gas background in the differentially pumped Vision 2000-P analyzer housing, the closed ion source enables ppb levels of detection for trace contaminants in the process gas. Exceptionally good residual hydrogen detection can be achieved with the high performance electronics.

Remote vacuum controller

Each Vision 2000-P system incorporates a Remote Vacuum Controller (RVC) module that provides fail-safe protection for both the process tool and the RGA.

Furthermore, it allows full operation and control of RGA system components (filaments, pumps, inlet valves, etc.) from the system PC. The compact, remotely mounted rack module includes the RVC and power supplies. The unit is easily mounted onto any standard 19 inch tool rack for mounting on a process chamber or other compatible location. 33 ft. (10 m) cables for ease of remotely locating the probe assembly are included as standard.

Mobile RGA platform

Any Vision 2000-P can be mounted on a mobile RGA platform with the convenience of being able to move the RGA easily between chambers as the need arises. The mobile platform has an integrated laptop table and mounts the electronics on the trolley. Using a standard 10 foot (3m) cable loom the platform can be conveniently located away from the RGA mounting point on the tool chamber.

Process Eye™ Professional control platform

The Vision 2000-P analyzer uses Process Eye Professional, a highly flexible, modular application operating under 32bit or 64bit Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008 or Windows 7. Designed with a “client/server” structure, Process Eye Professional incorporates TCP/ IP protocol for full network compatibility. Process Eye Professional uses recipes to specify the way in which the instrument scans, displays data, and responds to the data acquired. Recipes are user configurable using the “Recipe Wizard” and are ideal for monitoring repetitive processes and analyses.

Associated bar chart spectra and recently captured spectra are stored in a data buffer for easy review. Recipes can be linked together for the optimum monitoring of various phases of a particular process, or to facilitate automatic calibration using pre-defined calibration recipes. The single button push (or external signal) initiation of a Process Eye Professional recipe eliminates the need for highly skilled, full time operators.

The flexibility of Process Eye Professional allows recipes to be configured that will:

  • Define data acquisition and data display parameters, along with any on-line data processing required to convert data into relevant units and information
  • Display data in simultaneous “bar chart” and “data trend” formats, allowing the comprehensive and clear investigation of significant trend events
  • Incorporate custom warnings and alarms, triggered or terminated when data highlights that process conditions have deviated from normal conditions
  • Monitor and display other parameters as trends, in relevant units (temperature, gas flow rate, power, pressure, etc.) which are linked into the Vision 2000-P analyzer through its flexible analog and digital I/O

In addition, Process Eye Professional provides “live history” for quick on-line review of data trend events. Recently captured bar chart spectra are stored in a data buffer and can be reviewed by moving a cursor over the associated trend plot.


The Vision 2000-P is an application-specific process monitoring system designed to monitor contamination levels within semiconductor and thin film PVD process tools and to alert of conditions that can negatively impact product yield. In addition, the Vision 2000-P optimizes vacuum quality with:

  • Contamination monitoring, including hydrocarbons, to sub-ppm levels during PVD process
  • Residual gas monitoring, including air and water