Model EV-A Dry Vacuum Pumps

Air cooled vacuum pumps

The new EV-A dry vacuum pump series provides a constant pumping speed with exceptional pumping performance at atmospheric pressure.

EBARA used its proven design capabilities to develop a work-horse tool for the clean dry vacuum industries. The dry pumps, air cooled with an ultimate pressure of 10E-2 mbar (1 Pa), are unique in their performance and able to provide the benefit of a dry pump without the need of water cooling.

The ease of installation, plug and pump, in combination with the high water vapour tolerance capability (gas ballast open) makes thse vacuum pumps the prefered choice where clean dry vacuum is needed in various applications.

The EV-A family will be completed soon. Model EV-A10 was the first released dry vacuum pump. In 2012, EBARA presented the EV-A03 and EV-A06. In 2015, the EV-SA20 followed.

Key features

  • Air-cooled – no cooling water needed
  • Oil free vacuum – no hydrocarbon issue in the vacuum system
  • Low noise level – user friendly
  • Low power consumption
  • Maintenance free operation – no tip-seals
  • Compact design