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Multi-gas, multirange, metal sealed MFC with a meter option
The GV50A digitally-controlled mass flow controller is available with either RS485, Profibus, EtherCAT®, or DeviceNet I/O. The digital control electronics use the latest MKS control algorithms for fast and repeatable response to set point throughout the device control range. Typical response times are on the order of 600 to 800 milliseconds.Digital calibration yields 1% of set point accuracy on the calibration gas. I/O protocols are designed to allow the GV50A to easily replace RS485 and DeviceNetversions of the MKS 2179A MFC with minor coding.
GV50A incorporates a normally-closed, shut-off valve for closure to 4x10E-09 scc/sec of Helium. It incorporates few elastomers – only one external elastomer seal and elastomer valve plug. All
wetted surfaces are metal. The GV50A comes standard with Viton® seals or optional Buna, Neoprene® or Kalrez® to support different gas requirements.

Key features

  • Patented thermal sensor design for exceptional zero stability
  • Percent of set point accuracy enables precise process control
  • Embedded user interface – easily change device range & user gas, monitor & measure performance

Recommended applications

GV50A is a general purpose, MFC suited for a wide variety of applications requiring flow control capability from 10 sccm to 50 slm Full Scale, N2 equivalent.