Linjär transfer

HLSML series

Long travel linear motion
The HLSML provides strokes of up to 1000mm (39″) with high precision motion maintained throughout the stroke. The HLSML is also chosen for shorter strokes where ultimate stability is required.

Key features

  • Up to 1m stroke
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • Reliable and rigid construction
  • ‘Plug and play’ production solutions
  • True UHV performance
  • Bakeable to 250°C
  • Demountable bellows

The HLSML series of long travel Linear Shift Mechanisms, incorporates an upgraded structure with rear spine and large bore shafts and supports. The rigid structure maintains precise motion and unrivalled stability with strokes up to 1m.
High duty cycle production HLSMLs are available providing reliable, smooth and rigid motion with long operational life. Production ready HLSMLs can be supplied with pre-wired switches and connectors for ‘plug & play’ operation.

The series can be actuated via a manual handwheel, DC motor or stepper motor.
Motorised HLSMLs are fitted with bakeable limit and home switches, pre-wired to a single, bakeable connector mounted on the frame. HLSMLs are compatible with UHV Design’s SADC and Stepper motor controller range.  Each HLSML can be supplied with a digital linear scale, offering visual position indication with 10 micron resolution.