FDG 150

Focused ion source

The FDG 150 is an universal UHV Ion Source for depth profile analysis with XPS and Auger Spectroscopy, for sample cleaning, for sensor cleaning in scanning probe microscopes and for charge neutralisation (ESCA). It can also be used as excitation source with ISS/LEIS instruments. 

The source is differentially pumped, comes with an integrated port aligner, a regulated leak valve and allows for large working distances.

The power supply offers an integrated scan generator for beam positioning and beam scanning. Furthermore it provides a closed loop regulation of the beam current by controlling of the integrated leak valve. It can be fully controlled by the front panel or via a TCP/IP interface. An ease of use LabVIEW™- based PC Software is provided.

Key features

  • Universal ion source for sample cleaning
  • For charge neutralization as well as for ISS and LEIS
  • Beam diameter <150μm @ 5keV
  • Beam energy from 10 eV to 5 keV
  • Beam current from approx. 100nA (@15eV) to 10μA (@5keV)
  • Beam current stabilization with regulated leak valve
  • Differentially pumped
  • Scan generator
  • Scan area up to 10x10mm2 @ 5keV and 50mm working distance
  • Extensive scan field (keystone) correction
  • TCP/IP Interface
  • LabVIEW™-based Software