Model EST Dry Vacuum Pumps

For harsh processes
The EST Series consists of a two-stage screw design main pump engineered for application in harsh duty processes. The main pump is packaged with a lobe style booster pump for increased pumping speed.

EST pumps are constructed of NiResist, a solid cast material known for its superior corrosion resistance.

Key features

  • Low Cost of Ownership (power, N2, water, footprint, volume, weight)
  • Variable pumping speed to match application requirements
  • State-of-the-art control and monitoring devices
  • Compact pump size

Technical characteristics

  • Two-stage screw design main pump for application in harsh duty processes
  • Thoroughly corrosion resistant material
  • High operating temperature preventing condensation inside of pump
  • High performance brushless DC motors
  • Low noise and low vibration