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275 Mini-Convectron® Vacuum Pressure Transducers

275 Mini-Convectron® modular vacuum transducers features a compact design and dramatically reduced installation costs. These Granville-Phillips® vacuum gauges are ideal for applications where controller size and local control are critically important. The 275 series combines the industry-standard Convectron® gauge with electronics in a compact, modular design. They are capable of measuring from atmosphere to 1x10-4 Torr and are available with analog output, RS485 interface, and DeviceNet interface.


  • Absolute pressure measurement from atmosphere to 10-4 Torr
  • Compact and rugged all-metal package is virtually immune to RF interference
  • All functions programmable through RS485 or DeviceNet interfaces
  • Easy-to-read three-digit displays allow pressure readings at point-of-use
  • Basic models come with one or two setpoint relays for use as a pressure switch




Single channel active gauge display and control unit