Linjär transfer

LSM & HLSM series

Linear motion and alignment

Production-proven linear motion along the port axis (Z) for sample positioning and production applications; The LSM is the most comprehensive series in the range, offering the largest number of flange, stroke and actuation options. CF38 and CF64 flanges within the series are supplied with tapped bolt holes as standard.

The HLSM series is available as an alternative. This version has clear holes on the mounting flange (fixed) and is available in CF38, CF64, CF100 and CF150 flanges.

Both the LSM and HLSM series can be actuated via a manual handwheel, pneumatic cylinder, DC motor or stepper motor. Each LSM/HLSM can also be fitted with a digital linear scale, offering visual position indication with 10 micron resolution.

Key features

  • 2x flange parallelism compared with conventional designs
  • 2x load-carrying capability compared with conventional units
  • Smooth kinematic motion
  • 10,000 cycle lifetime guarantee
  • Demountable bellows assembly
  • Bakeable to 250°C