Industriella tillämpningar

GE250A & GE300A

Multi-gas, multirange, elastomer
sealed 100 to 300 slm mass flow controllers
G-Series GE250A & GE300A mass flow controllers are general purpose, elastomer-sealed MFCs suited for a wide variety of applications. The GE250A is capable of Full Scale ranges from 100 to 250 slm (N2 equivalent). The GE300A is capable of Full Scale ranges from 150 to 300 slm (N2 equivalent).

Both are available with either analog I/O or digital I/O utilizing the latest control algorithms for fast and repeatable response to set point.

Key features

  • Flow Rates from 100 to 300 slm
  • Seal and valve plug option of Viton, Buna, Neoprene or EPDM
  • 1 to 2 second settling time
  • Standard closed conductance leak rate of less than 1.0% of Full Scale

Conductively Cooled Design

The patented conductively cooled design of the plasma tube supports high throughput and high power (up to 3kW) operation. The wide process window allows for AX7610 use in multiple applications, ranging from fast PR and polymer removal from 300mm wafers to fine-control low-k or atomic layer CVD processes.