Powertome XL ultramicrotome

High-stability ultramicrotome with flexible upgrade paths

The Powertome from RMC Boeckeler is a high-precision ultramicrotome with an advanced antivibration system. It features the unique PowerDrive, a high stability cutting arm drive system with zero backlash. With several specimen holders and knife stages, this system can be configured to suit individual preferences and research needs. 

The basic model, the PT-XL, is controlled via a digital tactile controller and is suitable for routine work. From there, the system can be upgraded to a research level ultramicrotome with computer control and video options. Both models can be upgraded to allow for a 1mm uninterrupted sample advance, suitable for array tomography. The latest addition to the Powertome family is the PT-FL, with an ultramicrotome-mounted microscope that allows fluorescent signals to be located in the block during trimming and sectioning.

Key features

  • Auto thick/thin sectioning from 5-4999nm with 4 memory storage channels
  • Compact two piece design with advanced antivibration system
  • Separate control unit for maximum flexibility and ease of use
  • Built-in hand rests
  • Modern one piece laminated cover
  • PowerTome, high stability, zero backlash, cutting arm drive system
  • High precision micrometer knife stage
  • Ergonomic stereomicroscope system with constant radial focus eucentric tilt control


  • PTXL – with tactile controller, suitable for routine work
  • PTPC – with touch screen monitor and digital tactile controller,
  • PT3D – with 1 mm advance for uninterrupted sectioning, suitable for 3D reconstruction, array tomography and cryo sectioning
  • PTFL – with fluorescent location system, capable of imaging fluorescent cells in the block during trimming and sectioning, suitable for correlative microscopy


  • Dual hand wheels – for multi-user labs or demanding applications, that require hands-on assistance while sectioning, this system frees up your leading hand for fine motor work while controlling sample advance with your other.
  • Static line ioniser (ionisation depolarisation device)
  • Upgrade paths from PT-XL and PT-PC to PT-3D

Supplied complete with the following

  • Specimen orientation mount (formerly arc segment mount)
  • Stemi 2000 stereomicroscope 7.7:1 zoom range, 6.5X to 50X magnification with 10X WF (23mm) eyepieces
  • Self locking Positrac(TM) knife stage
  • Electronic stepping control for automatic specimen advance/return. Step size is
  • determined by the Section Thickness setting, from 5nm to 10μm.
  • One universal transilluminated specimen holder with wrench
  • One 7mm flat specimen transilluminated holder
  • Four Types of LED illumination are provided. All are independently adjustable.
  • Overhead bright diffuse LED Illumination
  • Backlighting for careful approach of the knife to the specimen
  • Transillumination through the specimen holder for viewing details of the specimen within the block
  • Spot illumination by a versatile, flexible LED for viewing details of the knife edge or block face while trimming
  • Glass knife support
  • Wooden accessory box
  • Trimming block and post
  • Stereomicroscope mounted breath shield
  • Stage mounted air draft shield
  • Control unit
  • Power cord
  • Interconnect cables
  • Dust cover
  • Spare lamps & fuses
  • Instruction manual
  • Wrenches



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