Sample storage boxes

For everything from grids and sensitive samples to stubs and wafers

Boxes and options for short term storage, archiving storage and sample shipping.

SEM stub storage

  • Pin stub storage (from single stub transportation tubes to high-capacity wooden boxes)
  • JEOL SEM stub storage box (Ø9,5 mm or Ø12,2 mm )
  • Hitachi SEM stub storage box (1 or 8 M4 stubs)
  • Gatan 3View pin stubs

TEM grid boxes

  • TEM grid boxes (4 to 100 grids)
  • FIB lift-out grid boxes (-100 grids)
  • Cryo-TEM grid boxes (4 grids)

Other/General applications

  • Membrane boxes (several sizes)
  • Wafer carrier trays (clear or anti-static, 1″ to 6″ diameters)
  • Clear plastic boxes (several sizes)
  • AFM sample storage boxes (1-4 to 6-8 AFM discs)

Sensitive samples

  • Vacuum desiccator
  • Inert gas sample storage
  • Desiccant boxes w. silica gel
  • Membrane boxes (with thin micro-porous polyurethane membranes in both top and base, several sizes)

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance or more information!