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Precisive® 5 trace hydrocarbon/VOC analyser

On-line monitoring system
The Precisive® 5 Trace VOC/Hydrocarbon Analyzer is an infrared absorption based on-line monitoring system configured for measurement of hydrocarbon and VOC gases; including alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, aldehydes and aromatics at ppm to percent levels.

Precisive® 5 gas analyzers require no carrier-gases, no-calibration gases and offer fast response analytics without compromising accuracy, repeatability, linearity or stability in the presence of interference. Precisive 5’s faster-response multi-component analysis provides significant cost-savings and efficiency gains in power generation applications.

Key features

  • Real-time operation down to sub-second update rates
  • Measures multiple families of hydrocarbons and VOCs
  • Ideal for remote, unattended, continuous operations
  • Eliminates carrier gases and other consumables
  • Permanent span calibration for industrial deployment
  • Interference immunity (temperature, pressure, moisture)

Precisive TFS™ Light Absorption Spectroscopy

The Precisive TFS™ (Tunable Filter Spectrometer) sensor platform consists of a light source, a sample cell (for gases, liquids or solids), a wavelength separating element (spectrometer) and a photo-detector. The wavelength separating element “slices” the wavelength components of the broadband light source which then interacts with the sample molecules. Some of the wavelength components are absorbed and some are transmitted through without any absorption.

Advanced Spectral Decomposition Algorithm

Precisive TFS™ Tunable Filter Spectrometers use an advanced spectral decomposition algorithm. The resulting spectrum is called absorption spectrum, which acts as “fingerprints” which are used to identify the sample components and/or quantify the composition of the sample.

Full Compound Speciation and Detection

This is a real-time optical analyzer capable of performing compound speciation or separation which previously could only be performed by Gas Chromatograph (GC) analyzers. Using a unique wavelength-sweeping tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates down to 1 second intervals are executed for full compound speciation and detection of the customer specific compound set. Sampling is a flow-through type, suitable for a continuous, on-line, unattended operation. The Precisive Trace Hydrocarbon/VOC Analyzer does not require carrier gas, fuel gases or on-site calibration gases.

Precisive® Trace Hydrocarbon/VOC Analyzer Applications

  • Industrial gas production
  • ASU (CO, CO2, THC, Moisture)
  • Blending & drying control
  • Combustion & emissions monitoring
  • Perimeter/fence-line monitoring
  • Multi-component alternative to NDIR
  • Fast-response alternative to GC