Compact sputter coater for medium and low magnification
The MiniQS is a new basic level sputter coater with a lower price tag and smaller footprint. It is ideally suited for medium to low magnification work where noble metals are used.

Key features

  • Pre-set profiles with single-touch operation
  • Sputter head is hinger for easy operation
  • Fitted with safety interlocks
  • Detachable chamber with implosion guard and top-plate allowing for easy cleaning
  • Users can rapidly change the chamber to avoid cross-contamination
  • Automatic operation with minimal user intervention required
  • Compact sized; ideal for use benchtop SEMs
  • Range of noble target options to suit majority of applications, including forensics
  • Possibility of coating samples to 50mm diameter

Recommended applications for MiniQS:

  • Low and medium magnifications
  • Table-top SEM coater


225mm W x 420mm D325 x 325mm H (480mm H with the coating head open)
Weight 8.7kg

A disc-Style 57 mm Ø 0.1mm thick gold (Au) target is included in the accessory pack (gold/palladium (Au/Pd) and silver (Au) target options available)


These products are for Research Use Only. 


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