High-stability cryo chamber for sectioning and planing

Capable of holding temperatures down to -180°C, the stable environment of the LNUltra is perfect for sectioning and planing a variety of samples. These include rubber and soft polymers, as well as biological cells and tissues, for example for immunolablling using the Tokuyasu technique or CEMOVIS. 

The LNUltra is a liquid nitrogen-cooled cryo chamber attachment for the Powertome ultramicrotomes. The 12 litre dewar can provide a stable sectioning environment for around seven hours due to the low LN2-consumption.

In combination with the Powertome 3D, with its 1mm advance, many sections can be trimmed and cut without resetting, negating the need for realigning the sample and block.

Key features

  • Insulated & externally heated cryosectioning chamber
  • Ultra-stable temperature
  • Cryo workstation with handrests and tool tray
  • Low LN2 consumption

Supplied complete with the following

  • Frost-free cryosectioning chamber
  • Cryo workstation with hand rests and tool tray
  • Control unit with four (4) temperature memory channels
  • Digital display of knife and specimen temperatures
  • Flat specimen holder
  • Four knife holders for combinations of glass, diamond, tungsten carbide knives or diamond trimming tools
  • Ten 2mm specimen mounting pins
  • Ten 3mm specimen mounting pins
  • Ten 6.5mm specimen mounting pins
  • 2mm pin holder
  • 3mm pin holder (for 3mm and 6.5mm mounting pins)
  • Specimen pin support disk
  • Mounting dish for loading specimens under LN2
  • Handling tool
  • Hex drivers
  • Four knife spacers (0.5mm, 1mm, 3mm, 6mm)
  • Static Line mounting assembly
  • Transformer and pump unit
  • Power conditioner
  • 12 liter table-top liquid nitrogen Dewar with cap
  • Liquid nitrogen pump (non-pressurized) with insulated transfer line and air-tubing
  • Exhaust hose
  • Pump stand
  • Fill-line stand
  • Backlight cable
  • Spare fuses
  • Locking screws
  • Three removable cryochamber windows
  • Microscope mounted breath shield





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