HS-series pumps

Available in 2 in. and 16 in. through 35 in. sizes, the low-cost HS-series pumps provide high speed, low ultimate pressure, high throughput, high tolerable forepressure, and low backstreaming.

The HS-Series diffusion pumps come with full thermal protection and optional quick-cool coils. The 16 in. through 35 in. pumps come with sight glass/fill and drain assemblies, and are available with ASA or ISO flanges.

Key features

  • High pumping performance in a compact package
  • Fractionating jet purifies pumping fluid
  • High tolerable forepressure
  • Stainless steel jet and pump body
  • Standard quick-cool coil
  • Finned boiler increases surface area, prolonging pumping fluid life
  • Foreline baffle prevents pumping fluid loss into backing system