Kompletta samplingssystem FTIR


Multi-component exhaust gas analyser

The MEGA-5 system is fully automated and comes complete with easy-to-use software, system diagnostics and calibrations. The MEGA-5 can be operated manually from the integrated keyboard and 17” LCD-screen. The system can also be operated remotely using “Remote Desktop” or by AK-commands via TCP/IP.

The MEGA-5 sampling system provides direct hot/wet measurements by maintaining the gas sample at a constant 191°C (selectable) without cold spots that might result in the loss of regulated species from the sample flow. The MEGA-5 sampling system will deliver a particulate free, pulse free and thermally stable sample flow to the FTIR analyser. The high flow rates enables true 5 Hz sampling and data acquisition as well as measurement of transient species.

Acquiring and retaining a precise pressure and temperature control of the sample flow to the analyser is crucial for reliable measurements. Our heated diaphragm pump is fitted with a specially designed damper (zero dead volume) that will deliver pulse free sample flow to ensure the accuracy of measurements.

The positioning of the temperature sensors in the sampling system, as well as in the integrated FTIR-analyser, has been carefully chosen to give a fast and accurate temperature reading of the sample flow. This also improves the accuracy of the system when measuring transient processes in the exhaust flow. The filter box has a heated stainless steel particulate filter (1μ) to protect and ensure the optical efficiency of the FTIR analyser. The filter box is available with 2 or 4 channels, which allows sampling from different points of the exhaust gas after-treatment system.

Areas of application
To meet regulations such as EURO VI and EPA 1065 exhaust gas after-treatment systems have become increasingly complex. The introduction of SCR catalysts for diesel engines and the growing interest in alternative fuels, have contributed to make them even more complex. The MEGA-5 system is capable of fast and accurate measurements of all exhaust gas components in compliance with EURO VI and EPA 1065 regulations. Typical applications of the system:

  • R&D of heavy duty engines with SCR
  • Measurements of ammonia (NH3) for certification purposes
  • R&D of catalysts such as SCR, DOC and LNT
  • Alternative fuels (Bio-Diesel, Ethanol, Methanol, etc.)
  • On-vehicle measurements and data acquisition.

Key features

  • Single analyser measures a variety of traditional and non-traditional emissions
  • True 5 Hz measurement and data acquisition
  • Measurement of transient species in combustion exhaust, T90< 300 ms
  • EURO VI and EPA 1065 ready
  • Wet sample monitoring, no need for moisture removal
  • Fully automated and prepared for remote control
  • Incorporated system diagnostics
  • Pulse free sample flow to ensure accuracy of measurements
  • Heated particulate filter to ensure optical efficiency
  • Purge and span gas panel to enable method controls
  • Filter box with 2 or 4 channels to allow sampling from multiple points
  • Robust design to enable on-vehicle measurements


  • FID analyser
  • NDIR analyser
  • Oxygen analyser
  • 2 or 4 channels filter box
  • 5l Dewar for LN2 (with level indicator) for 3-5 days unattended use
  • Analogue out module for on-vehicle data acquisition.


Power 3×400 VAC, 16A, 50 Hz, N, PE 5 m cable 5 x 2.5 with CEE-connector
Nitrogen 2.0±0.5 Bar, 4.8 or better Keyed Quick Connector
Span Gas 1 2.0±0.5 Bar Keyed Quick Connector
Span Gas 2 2.0±0.5 Bar Quick Connector
LN2 5 l for 72 h use For cooling of the detector
Compressed Air 6-7 Bar, dry and oil free Quick Connector
Sample Inlet Bulkhead 12 mm Swagelok, 7-pin Amphenol C-16 connector for heating
Sample Outlet Bulkhead 12 mm Swagelok, to ventilation
or reflux
L x W x H 900 x 600 x 1850 mm
225 kg
Power 240 VAC, 10A, 50 Hz, N, PE 10 m heavy duty power/control cable to connect the filter box to the main cabinet, cable included
Nitrogen 2.0±0.5 Bar, 4.8 or better Quick Connector
Compressed Air 6-7 Bar, dry and oil free Quick Connector
Sample Inlet, 2 or 4 channels Bulkhead 12 mm Swagelok, 7-pin Amphenol C-16 connector for heating
Sample Outlet Bulkhead 12 mm Swagelok
2 channels
4 channels
L x W x H



L x W x H

500 x 320 x 540
45 kg500 x 440 x 540
60 kg