DiATOME Diamond Knives
DiATOME knives are compatible with all ultramicrotomes. The boat is designed in such a manner that the water is horizontal when the clearance angle is set. This results in a stationary water surface and good reflection.

The surfaces of the DiATOME diamond knives are hydrophilic. This property allows an easy wetting of the cutting edge, even with a very low water level (important for sectioning Lowicryls and other hydrophilic embedding media, as well as for water sensitive samples).

Cryo type Key features

  • Thinner cryo sections.
  • Perfect cryosections from ultrathin to semi with the same knife.
  • Minimal compression and best structure preservation.
  • Highest quality diamonds and optimal crystal orientation
    guarantee perfect ultrathin sections and a durable cutting edge.

Cryo Knife types and their applications

  • Cryo 25°
    • Frozen hydrated samples (CEMOVIS)
  • Cryo Immuno
    • Sucrose infiltrated samples (Tokuyasu)
    • Frozen hydrated samples (CEMOVIS)
  • Cryo AFM
    • Sample planing for AFM imaging
  • Cryo 35° (wet)
    • Wet sectioning of polymers with DMSO/water mixture
  • Cryo 45° (dry)
    • Routine dry cryo sectioning of polymers
  • Cryo 45° (wet)
    • Routine wet cryo sectioning of polymers with DMSO/water
  • Trim 45 & Trim 20
    • Trimming biological and materials science specimens