Model ESA Dry Vacuum Pumps

For H2 rich applications
The ESA25-D and the larger ESA70W-D, ESA80W-D, ESA100W-D and ESA200W are particularly outmatching in applications with a high content of light process gases because of their extremely good pumping speed for H2, He, etc.

The ESA25-D has been developed from the successful A25S. With its unique design, the pump has been the market leader for application with high content of H2 in the process gas.

Key features

  • Best performance in H2 based processes
  • Dual voltage motor – cost savings in stock inventory
  • Very robust
  • Compact size – easy integration in process tools

Technical characteristics

  • Multi-stage Roots pump
  • 3-lobe Roots pump design preventing back streaming of light gases like H2
  • ESA70W-D and larger are packaged with a lobe style booster pump
  • Pressure shock resistant