TwisTorr 305 FS

Turbo Pumps
The TwisTorr 305 FS turbomolecular pump features an optimized design and advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth. This 300 L/s turbo pump can be driven wirelessly using the Vacuum Link app.

The TwisTorr 305 FS turbo pump is ideal for academic research/particle accelerators (pump and controller can be up to 100 m apart) where compression ratio is an important factor contributing to very low base pressure. The pump’s low noise and vibration level make it a perfect solution for sensitive instruments, mass spectrometry, electron microscopes, and surface analysis applications.


Key features

  • High compression ratios for light gases enabling low base pressure
  • Hydrocarbon free for clean vacuum system
  • Remote controller allows operation from 100 m away
  • Low vibration and noise levels—41 dB(A)—for a comfortable working environment and operation in sensitive experiments
  • Compact size and installation in any position allow easy integration
  • Maintenance-free bearings for zero operating cost
  • Gauge reading capability for system pressure monitoring
  • Ready for wireless control via Vacuum Link app for pump operation on the go
  • Radiation and magnetic field-proof design with no embedded electronics allows operation in demanding magnetic field and radiation environments
  • Low electromagnetic emission guarantees no interferences with application