Natur- och biogasanalys

Precisive® 5-165 liquid petroleum gas analyser

On-line LPG composition monitoring and heating value analysis
The Precisive 5-165 model is a real-time hydrocarbon gas analyzer calibrated for on-line LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) composition monitoring and heating value analysis. This package is optimized for gas-phase LPG product analysis containing C2 – C5 alkane gases as well as ethylene and propylene.

The MKS Precisive® product platform of innovative optical analyzers based on Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™) provides real-time gas analysis in the natural gas and hydrocarbon processing industries, including refineries, hydrocarbon processing plants, gas-to-power machines, biogas processes and fuel gas transportation and metering. Precisive TFS can be utilized from UV (Ultra-Violet) through IR (Infra-Red) spectral regions.

Precisive optical sensors are the first widely deployed hydrocarbon composition monitors to feature real-time unattended analytics with hydrocarbon speciation capability  equivalent to traditional Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments yet, with much lower cost of ownership.

Precisive® 5 Application-specific Analyzers are focused on the oil & gas markets for a variety of natural gas and hydrocarbon processing applications. From upstream gas processing, to midstream distribution and downstream refining and power generation. The unique Precisive® TFS™ platform further lends itself to a diverse set of monitoring points from bulk high percentage level compositions, fast response bulk BTU and Wobbe Index monitoring, through to trace ppm (part per million) trace impurity in natural gas, refinery gas and ambient air conditions.

Key features

  • LPG fast-response distillation measurement
  • Spot check measurement / custody transfer given the wide composition variation of LPG
  • Accurate and reproducible results in under 5 seconds
  • Strong linearity throughout the range, robust LPG composition analyzer
  • Ideal fast-response alternative to traditional gas chromatograph type instruments

Precisive TFS™ Light Absorption Spectroscopy

The Precisive TFS™ (Tunable Filter Spectrometer) sensor platform consists of a light source, a sample cell (for gases, liquids or solids), a wavelength separating element (spectrometer) and a photo-detector. The wavelength separating element “slices” the wavelength components of the broadband light source which then interacts with the sample molecules. Some of the wavelength components are absorbed and some are transmitted through without any absorption.

Advanced Spectral Decomposition Algorithm

Precisive TFS™ Tunable Filter Spectrometers use an advanced spectral decomposition algorithm. The resulting spectrum is called absorption spectrum, which acts as “fingerprints” which are used to identify the sample components and/or quantify the composition of the sample.