Wobble sticks

WSG40 wobble stick

Trigger-actuated gripper

The WSG40 range of wobble sticks has been designed to offer precise manual manipulation of a range of sample holders with trigger actuated gripper mechanism using UHV Design’s high power magnetic coupling technology.

The WSG40 is equipped with a trigger mechanism located on the outer magnetic assembly to actuate the gripper mechanism.

Key features

  • In-line and right-angled versions
  • +/-22o tilt
  • 100-350mm stroke range (50mm increments)
  • Bakeout to 250oC without removing the outer magnetic assembly
  • Choice of end-effectors with trigger actuated gripper

The WS40G can be configured using our ‘Product Configuration Tool’ below enabling the stroke length, orientation (in-line or right-angle) and choice of end effector to be selected.