GM (Gifford-McMahon)


4K Cryocooler series
SHI’s 4K Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers are recognized as the most reliable and versatile systems available in the marketplace. They feature high cooling capacities, compact designs and are orientation-free. Models like the RDK-408D2 are the standard for MRI and other superconducting magnets.

These 4K Cryocoolers can be found cooling a wide variety of analytical and experimental devices, and offer a very cost effective alternative to open-cycle liquid helium systems.

Standard Scope of Supply

  • RDE-412D4 Cold Head
  • F-40L/H, F-50L/H, FA-40L/H or CSA-71A  Compressor
  • 20 m (66 ft.) Helium Gas Lines
  • 6-20 m (20-66 ft.) Cold Head Cable
  • Tool Kit