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PCG-750 Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

Active Gauges

The Agilent PCG-750 gauge combines the Pirani and ceramic capacitance diaphragm into a single design to provide gas-type independence and increased accuracy in the range from atmospheric pressure to 5 x 10-5 mbar (3.8 x 10-5 Torr).

Agilent Vacuum Active Gauges integrate the gauge and controller in a single, compact package. These are ideal for embedded OEM and industrial systems where a control computer or PLC handles the display/control functions for one or several gauges. The user provides input power (typically 24V) and reads pressure output via PC or PLC. A variety of set point interface features are available to automate your system.

Key features

  • High accuracy and reproducibility provides reliable atmospheric pressure monitoring
    Fast atmospheric detection shortens process cycle times
  • Measurement is independent of gas species above 10 mbar and so allow safe venting with any gas mixture
  • Rugged, compact housing mounts in any orientation for easy integration to your system
  • Set point control makes use of pressure readings to perform critical operations
  • Exchangeable plug-and-play sensor is easy to repair and lowers cost of ownership
  • A Nickel filament option provides a solution for corrosive applications
  • An optional bright color LCD display makes pressure reading easy to monitor




Single channel active gauge display and control unit