DS 40M Roughing Pump

Laboratory Vacuum Pumps
DS 40M is a small roughing (foreline) pump of choice for GC MS instruments, designed for very low noise and low power consumption.

The Agilent DS40M 2m3/hr Rotary Vane Pump is compact, quiet, consumes power frugally, and has a magnetic coupling to eliminate oil leaks.


Key features

  • Magnetic coupling makes the pump oil-leak free, thus ideal for a clean laboratory environment and higher pump reliability.
  • Low power consumption results in low cost of ownership.
  • Low noise creates a pleasant and quiet working environment in a laboratory.
  • Integrated antisuckback valve protects high vacuum pump from air inrush.
  • Foreline pump’s compact design is ideal for retrofitting.
  • Low 10-3 mbar operation
  • Low operating temperature
  • Minimal backstreaming at low pressure
  • Good pumping efficiency and gas ballast in the low 10-2 mbar region.