Q150V Plus

Versatile carbon and/or sputter coater for high-resolution SEM applications and TEM

A highly versatile and easy-to-use coater with sputtering and/or carbon evaporation capabilities. The newly updated software can store more than 1000 recipes and supports multiple-user profiles, where recipes are sorted according to recent use. This high-vacuum model is ideal for high-resolution applications such as FE-SEM and TEM. The different coating inserts can be changed within seconds, and several drop-in style specimen stages are available.

Key features

  • Metal sputtering and/or carbon evaporation
  • Fully automatic vacuum control
  • Multiple coating protocols can be programmed and stored
  • Ultra-fine grain size coating compatability
  • Ultimate vacuum 1×10-6 mbar
  • Three-year warranty


  • Film thickness monitoring
  • Wide range of drop-in style specimen stages
  • Glow discharge
  • Metal evaporation
  • Additional inserts for quick metal change


  • Q150V ES Plus – combined evaporator and sputter coater
  • Q150V S Plus – dedicated sputter coater
  • Q150V E Plus – dedicated evaporator

Recommended applications

  • Ultra-high resolution magnification SEM
  • Carbon coating of TEM grids
  • Protective platinum layers for FIB
  • EDX, WDS, EBSD analysis
  • BSE imaging
  • Carbon coating of replicas
  • High-purity depositions


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