Q300T D Plus

Sequential sputtering system
Suitable for multi-layer sequential sputtering of two materials, the Q300T D Plus has two independent sputtering heads, which allows sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum.

The system is fully automated with user defined recipes controlling the pumping sequence, time, number of sputter cycles, and the current used during the process. Unlimited layers of varying thickness from two target materials can be sputtered sequentially by cycling between both targets. When not in use the targets are shuttered for protection from contamination.

Substrates can be coated using non-oxidising (noble) metals such as gold (Au) and platinum (Pt). For coatings with a fine grain structure iridium (Ir) can also be used. With the high-quality vacuum system the Q300T D Plus is also capable of using oxidising metal targets such as chromium (Cr) and aluminium (Al) to produce fine films and coatings. The Q300T D Plus comes as standard with a chromium (Cr) target and gold (Au) target

Key features

  • Capable of achieving vacuum of 5 x 10-5 mbar
  • New touch and swipe capacitive screen
  • USB port for upgrades and download of process log files
  • Multiple-user profiles can be set up on one machine
  • New software sorts recipes per user according to recent use
  • 16GB of memory can store more than 1000 recipes
  • New multi-colour LED visual status indicator
  • Interchangeable stage options
  • Three sputter heads for large area deposition of different materials
  • Single head selection for small samples

Recommended applications

  • Ideal for multi-layer coating
  • Adhesion studies


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