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971B UniMag™ Cold Cathode Vacuum Transducer

The 971B UniMag™ vacuum transducer offers a measurement range from 1x10-8 Torr to 5x10-3 Torr and is based on cold cathode inverted magnetron sensor technology. The 971B is a cost effective solution for base pressure measurement and control. In addition to its small size, broad range and lower cost, the 971 UniMag™ Cold Cathode Inverted Magnetron Transducer Vacuum Gauge can be operated via digital communication or as an autonomous analog unit.  Series 970B transducers have standard 15 pin HD Sub-D connectors.


  • Absolute measurement range from 1x10-8 to 0.005 Torr
  • The cold cathode anode module design is user serviceable to decrease downtime
  • Ease of operation via analog output, RS232, or RS485
  • Optional integrated touch-screen display available for local pressure indication
  • Three user configurable relays for process control
  • Small footprint design provides a compact transducer solution



Single channel active gauge display and control unit