Q150T Plus

Versatile turbo-pumped carbon and/or
sputter coater for high-resolution SEM
With its turbomolecular pump, this coater achieves vacuum levels down to 5 x 10-5 mbar. This enables the sputtering of oxidising metals, which have a lower grain size suitable for high-resolution imaging. Similarly, lower scattering allows for high purity, amorphous carbon films of high density.

Key features

  • New touch and swipe capacitive screen
  • USB port for upgrades and download of process log files
  • Multiple-user profiles can be set up on one machine
  • New software sorts recipes per user according to recent use
  • 16GB of memory can store more than 1000 recipes
  • New multi-colour LED visual status indicator
  • Capable of achieving vacuum of 5 x 10-5 mbar


  • Film thickness monitoring
  • Wide range of drop-in style specimen stages
  • Full range vacuum gauge
  • Glow discharge
  • Metal evaporation
  • Additional inserts for quick metal change


  • Q150T S Plus – an automatic sputter coater for oxidising metals
  • Q150T E Plus – an automatic carbon cord coater for SEM applications such as EDS and WDS
  • Q150T ES Plus – a combined system system capable of both sputtering and carbon coating

Recommended applications

  • High-resolution magnification SEM
  • Protective platinum layers for FIB
  • R&D of corrosion-, friction-, and wear protective layers
  • Protective layers on medical devices
  • BSE imaging
  • EDX, WDS, EBSD analysis
  • Carbon coating of replicas


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