Configured XYZ

XY manipulator combined with Linear Shift Mechanism
Multistage manipulators provide precise motion along the X, Y and Z axes. Their robust construction provides a stable platform, enabling mounting in any-orientation.

The range is modular utilising the MultiBase XY manipulators to provide two generic platforms offering +/-14mm, +/-31mm or +/- 57mm of motion (vector sum of X & Y). Various Linear Shift Mechanisms can then be fitted to these platforms to provide between 100mm (4″) and 1000mm (39″) Z stroke. The kinematic motion provided results in smooth and reliable motion.

MultiStage manipulators are offered with manual or motorised actuation. Manual XY actuation is delivered via a combined micrometer handwheel and linear scale assembly. Manual Z motion can be fitted with a 1mm increment scale.

Key Features

  • 25mm – 1,000mm Z motion in combination with XY
  • Mounting in any orientation without additional supports
  • Smooth, precise kinematic motion
  • Robust construction for high loads

DC and stepper motor driven solutions are also available, along with ‘plug and play’ motion control systems.

Combining the MultiStage with the MagiDrive rotary feedthroughs allows transmission of rotary motion through the centre. In addition, the hollow MagiDrive allows services, for example heating and cooling apparatus, to be passed through the centre.

The hollow configuration enables stacking of MagiDrives to provide further independent axes of rotation. In this way, the three axes of motion already provided by the MultiStage can be supplemented with up to three more.

Custom shafts, service collars and dual point support can also be provided.