Supports and substrates

Vitreous carbon, graphite, mica and silicon wafers and discs
Substrates for various experimental setups and microscopy applications, such as SEM, FIB, FESEM, AFM, TEM, LM, SPM.

Carbon and graphite substrates

  • High purity vitreous carbon discs
  • High purity graphite discs
  • High purity graphite plates
  • Carbon tabs (Ø6-Ø25 mm)
  • Carbon stubs (Ø12,7 mm standard pin stubs, Ø15- Ø25 mm Hitachi M4 stubs)
  • HOPG substrates (10×10 mm chips)

Mica substrates (highest grade V-1 quality)

  • Mica sheets (various sizes, up to 0,60mm thickness)
  • Mica discs (Ø10-Ø25 mm, 0,15-0,21 mm thickness)

Silicon substrates (<P/100>)

  • Silicon wafers (Ø2″-Ø6″)
  • Diced silicon wafer (Ø4″)
  • Ultra-flat silicon wafers (Ø4″-Ø6″)
  • Ultra-flat silicon chips (5mmx5mm)
  • Ultra-flat silicon with 200nm thermal SiO2 chips (5mmx5mm)

Quartz substrates (GE124 high purity fused quartz)

  • Quartz substrate discs (Ø1″-Ø4″, 1/16″ or 1/8″ thickness)
  • Quartz slides (various sizes)
  • Quartz coverslips (various sizes)

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