A fully integrated, plug-and-pump,
hydrocarbon-free pumping system.
A portable, fully Integrated, hydrocarbon-free pumping station powered by the innovative TwisTorr 74 FS and 305 FS turbomolecular pumps, backed by the unique Agilent 60 L/min IDP-3 dry scroll primary pump: the fastest pumpdown in the market.

An all-in, ready to use dry pumping solution with large pressure display, active gauge reading option, worldwide voltage, CE/CSA certified.
TPS-compact pumping system is ideal for medium size chambers in university laboratories, industrial applications, and medical applications.

Key features

  • Fast roughing, compact footprint, dry and robust system
  • New generation turbo pumps TwisTorr 74 FS and 305 FS, and dry scroll backing pump IDP-3
  • Worldwide voltage (90–240 V) – CE/CSA certified
  • Excellent base pressure, down to 10-9 mbar
  • Wide range vacuum gauge reading capability
  • Large pressure data display
  • Serial or analogical communication, pressure driven setpoint, analog setpoint
  • Wheels option available