XY multibase manipulators

Precise manipulation in X & Y axes
The multibase XY stage is the first choice for both research and demanding production environments due to its precise motion and rugged construction which allows mounting in any-orientation.

The MultiBase design includes two parallel flanges. One remains fixed, whilst the other provides the movement. A high quality, supple, edge-welded bellows spans the flanges to accommodate the required motion while ensuring an all-metal vacuum enclosure. The device works by adjusting the position of the travelling flange in relation to the fixed system mounting flange.

Key features

  • Any-orientation mounting without additional supports
  • High precision kinematic drive and guidance system – eliminates need
    for vulnerable cross-roller slides
  • Rigid stops limit X/Y travel protecting the bellows
  • Robust construction for high loads

Positioning of the travelling flange is controlled through two external lead-screws, each benefiting from anti-backlash systems.
A kinematic mechanism ensures smooth and precise motion. This novel mechanism incorporates a high precision drive and guidance system, removing the requirement for vulnerable cross-roller slides used by other manufacturers. Combining this with a rigid construction allows mounting in any-orientation without additional supports. Scales are fitted to each axis for resolving the position of the travelling flange on the manual version. The motorised stages are fitted with stepper motors and pre-wired limit and home switches.