Industriella tillämpningar


IP66-rated multi-gas, multirange elastomer-
sealed 250-500 slm mass flow controller
The I-Series IE500A mass flow controller is elastomer-sealed, multi-gas/multi-range MFC with an IP66-rated enclosure designed for use in harsh industrial environments where resistance to liquid and dust ingress are essential. The IE500A is capable of Full Scale ranges from 250 slm to 500 slm (N2 equivalent).

This broad flow range is enabled by the unique control valve design, which responds rapidly to set point changes while maintaining closed conductance leak rates that are well below other high flow mass flow controllers.

Key features

  • Flow rates from 250 to 500 slm
  • Seal and valve plug option of Viton, Buna, Neoprene or EPDM
  • 1 to 2 second settling time
  • Standard closed conductance leak rate of less than 1.0% of Full Scale

Fast Settling Time

Settling times of 2 to 3 seconds and set point accuracies below 1% of set point exceed those of other typical high flow MFCs. Precise control is maintained down to 2% of the IE500A configured Full Scale flow range. The multi-gas/multi-range capability, along with tight performance specifications for accuracy, control range, and transient response allow users to minimize inventory of high flow MFC part numbers.

Multi-Gas / Multi-Range Capability

The multi-gas/multi-range feature (along with other custom controls) is accessed through the MFCs embedded diagnostic interface, which requires no special software or hardware to operate. A standard Ethernet cable and JAVA-enabled HTML browser, widely available, are all the tools needed. The critical gas parameters for typical high flow rate gases are already stored on the device. Configuring the device is simply a matter of selecting the gas from a drop down menu and specifying the desired Full Scale flow range. The diagnostic interface also allows the user to perform routine device health checks, plot flow response, and store operating data for offline analysis.

IP66 Rated Enclosure

Thesre mass flow controllers are designed for use in harsh environments where resistance to liquid and dust ingress are essential. Applications include those where “hose down” may be required, such as industrial glass production where moisture and particulates are present. With its IP66 rated enclosure, these MFCs meet the stringent requirements of these aggressive environments.