Tabletop SEM med högupplösning


New high-resolution benchtop SEM with updated user interface

With the characteristic high-quality imaging of its predecessors and an overhauled user interface, the SNE-Alpha is the flagship of tabletop microscopes. The newly added auto-gun-align and enhanced auto-focus let users capture images with ease. This microscope will be a powerful addition to any lab, either as an addition to existing instrumentation or as a stand-alone unit. 

The SNE-Alpha is the latest high-resolution benchtop microscope from SEC Engineering and it is one of the most advanced and affordable desktop SEM models available. Sample positioning is easy with the motorised 5-axis stage control and the precise control and high precision navigation movement gives more control over imaging. The user interface has been completely overhauled and sample turnaround is faster than ever.

Key features

  • 5 nm resolution (SE, 30 kV)
  • 150,000x magnification
  • Dual SE and BSE detectors or single SE detector
  • 1-30 kV beam energy (1/5/10/15/20/30)
  • Variable apertures
  • 5-axis (X,Y,R,Z,T) motorised sample stage
  • Low-vacuum capabilities (BSE mode)
  • Sample size max Ø80mm x 50mm height


  • EDS (Bruker)
  • EDS (EDAX)
  • EDS (Oxford Instruments)

Recommended applications

  • Scientific research
  • Routine and quality control
  • Education


  • Electron System
    • Resolution: Plus A : 5nm (30kV, SE Image)
    • Magnification: 30x~150,000x
    • Accelerating Voltage: 1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
    • Detector: Standard: SE (Secondary Electron)
    • Optional: BSE (Back Scattered Electron)
    • Electron Gun: Pre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
  • Stage System
    • Stage Traverse: 5-axis fully motorised system: X, Y: 40mm, R : 360˚, Z : 0 to 40mm, T : -45 to 90˚
    • Max. Sample Size: 80mm in Diameter x 40mm in Height
  • Image System
    • Automation Function: Auto Start, Auto Focus
    • Image Format: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • Vacuum System
    • Vacuum Mode: High & Low Vacuum (BSE mode)
    • Vacuum Pump: Rotary Pump / Turbo Molecular Pump (Full Automation)
  • Dimensions
    • Main Unit: 300(W)x465(D)x600(H)mm, 78kg
    • Controller Unit: 256(W)×220(D)×90(H)mm, 4kg
    • Rotary Pump: 400(W)x160(D)x340(H)mm, 24kg