Linjär transfer

LSMX series

Linear motion and alignment
Linear motion along the port axis (Z) with the additional facility to adjust the travelling flange laterally (X axis) to facilitate alignment. The travelling flange angle remains constant throughout actuation.

The LSMX is based on the standard LSM series. Where the LSMX version differs is that, in addition to the Z motion, the user has the option to adjust the X motion of the moving flange by up to +/-5mm via a manual thumb wheel.

This is useful if the user needs the flexibility to make lateral alignment adjustments to the linear shift without altering the travelling flange angle. A typical application would be the alignment of a sample holder with a sample transfer arm within the system.

Key features

  • +/- 5mm lateral (X axis) motion
  • Smooth kinematic alignment
  • Reliable and rigid construction
  • True UHV performance
  • Bakeable to 250°C
  • Demountable bellows assembly