The Top End Solution for ARPES

The new ARPES-Lab provides a total solution for ARPES. The design takes advantage of Scienta Omicron’s vast experience in the field of electron spectroscopy. Since a turnkey solution with single vendor performance responsibility is being offered, critical issues such as magnetic shielding and system grounding (examples of requirements for high resolution experiments) are addressed throughout design and manufacturing.

All Scienta Omicron systems are upgradeable and extendable to multi-technique systems. Paths for adding for example SPM and MBE capability are available to make the ARPES system even more competitive as a scientific tool.The ARPES-Lab brings together the world leading instrumentation for ARPES.

Key features

  • Outstanding performance ARPES system with unchallenged energy and angular resolution
  • Intelligent integration and automation
  • Revolutionary DA30 deflection mode operation:
    • Improved ky accuracy
    • Matrix element effects are avoided by keeping sample fixed
    • Ensures same sample point for all k//
  • Detectors for Spin-resolved measurements available
  • 4, 5, or 6 axis cryo cooled manipulator options
  • Highest flux monochromated lab UV source for fast measurements
  • True UHV during operation for long lifetime of samples
  • Tailored UHV system for high performance ARPES
  • Flexible system design for future upgrades and extensions