Advanced measurements made easy
The HiPP-Lab provides a total solution for APPES. The design takes advantage of Scienta Omicron’s vast experience in the field of electron spectroscopy. Since a turnkey solution with single vendor performance responsibility is being offered, critical issues e.g. magnetic shielding are addressed throughout design and manufacturing.

All Scienta Omicron systems are upgradeable and extendable to multi-technique systems. Options for adding for example SPM and MBE capability are available to make the APPES system even more competitive as a scientific tool.

The system is based on the most modern concepts of APPES, including features like exchangeable chamber and high throughput analyser swift acceleration mode. Central in the idea of HiPP-Lab is the ability to be able to optimize the setup for different measurements, taking advantage of the ease to exchange chambers while maintaining the core components of the system, the swift acceleration and image resolving APPES analyser and Al Kα monochromized X-ray source. The base module can easily be interfaced with other system modules like preparation chambers or be a part of a cluster type system.

Key features

  • Outstanding performance APPES system with unchallenged energy, spatial and angular resolution
  • Intelligent integration and automation
  • State of the art HiPP-3 analyser:
  • Exchangeable chamber concept
  • High flux monochromated lab X-ray source
  • Tailored UHV system for high performance APPES
  • Flexible system design for future upgrades and extensions