Ultimate ESCA & k-Space Imaging
The NanoESCA offers chemical state mapping with unsurpassed XPS lateral resolution (<500 nm achieved under laboratory conditions).

The instrument allows analyzing smallest sample structures giving chemical state information beyond the limits of other high lateral resolution techniques such as scanning Auger and TOF SIMS.

Real time sample navigation is ensured by PEEM technique which operates in the secondary electron regime. The PEEM mode allows finding small features easily on a large sample area and provides high resolution (< 50 nm resolution). In addition the PEEM mode provides quantitative information on the very local work function and local sample charging.

The spectroscopy capabilities of the NanoESCA can be completed by the µARUPS option which allows analyzing the k-space from µm-areas e.g. small grains in a polycrystalline surface with ultimate angular acceptance.

Key features

  • Ultimate Imaging XPS Resolution: 500 nm / 100 nm (Lab / Synchroton)
  • Easy sample navigation by PEEM technology
  • Small spot spectroscopy
  • Aberration Corrected Energy Filter
  • High Power Monochromatic X-Ray Source
  • µARUPS with ultimate angle acceptance
  • Created in co-operation with FOCUS GmbH