Turnkey ESCA solution
XPS-Lab is a versatile XPS instrument allowing for surface characterization by routine and advanced XPS and ESCA applications. It is a convenient to use turnkey system which combines high sensitivity, excellent energy resolution and high sample throughput with an advanced sample stage concept optimized for routine and advanced scientific experiments.

The stage handles multiple thin and thick samples and can be easily customized for individual needs of a specific experiment including options for heating and cooling.

The XPS-Lab system includes a state of the art 128 channels detector, a dedicated 500 mm Rowland circle high power monochromatic x-ray source and efficient charge neutralization. A monoatomic ion sputter source is included in the base configuration.

The configuration of the XPS-Lab can be easily expanded for a cluster ion source, a dual beam x-ray source, a UV source and various preparation facilities.

System Details

  • Mu metal analysis chamber
  • Turnkey computer controlled UHV System
  • Fast entry load lock with multi sample entry
  • Camera assisted sample navigation
  • Optional preparation chamber and sample treatment facilities

Sample Stage

  • Automated multi stage concept
  • Large sample platen
  • Optional rotation sample holder
  • Optional sample heating and cooling
  • Other sample stage features on request

Hemispherical Analyser

  • Multi element lens system with compression lens
  • Large and small area XPS
  • Scanned and snapshot acquisition
  • Imaging XPS and chemical state mapping
  • Angle Resolved XPS


  • 128 channel detector with ultimate sensitivity
  • Fast snapshot mode for spectroscopy and imaging
  • Scanned acquisition

Charge neutralization

  • Computer controlled neutralization

Excitation sources

  • High power monochromated x-ray source with 500 mm Rowland circle
  • Ion source for depth profiling and neutralization and ISS
  • Optional Gas Cluster Ion Beam Source
  • Optional dual anode x-ray source Mg/Al
  • Optional High intensity VUV source
  • Various electron sources on request